Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Abbey and I’ve always wanted to blog.  Procrastination and life always seems to get in the way. I swear I’m creative A.D.D and can never focus on just one little project.  Also I don’t really think of myself as a writer. My bestie is a writer and she’s amazing so I always think that’s more her gig.  But I AM a talker.  I have lots to say and she keeps telling me I should write to the world and tell about the things I talk about.  I feel like there is a window open right now. . .and if I don’t start telling our story I’m going to miss it.

Here’s a little bit about me, my family, and our adventure thus far.  I’ll try to keep my posts short and sweet.  Well maybe not sweet- life is gritty and messy and crazy.  But I’ll keep it short. 😉

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend.  I’ve been married to an incredible man since 2003. I’ve been a Mommy since 2006, have been pregnant 7 times, and have 4 beautiful little spirited girls.  They are 9, 5, 3, and 1 years old. For now we homeschool.  Our theory on homeschooling is “One year at a time, one kid at a time” and see where it goes.  My life is crazy.  I feel like after number 4 my whole world drastically changed. We love America and Jesus. And we have survived SO. MUCH.   Maybe I’ll get into some of that in another post but for now let’s talk about our most recent endeavor.

Our family dream:

We have always wanted to own land and live outside city limits.  My eldest daughter often says “mom, I feel like I’m not really a city girl.  I think I’m more of a farm girl” and I totally agree with her.  She has been saving up nickels and dimes in her piggy bank to ‘buy our farm’ for as long as I can remember.  We want space to run and permission to do our own thing.  We want a dog, some chickens, big gardens and fruit trees and an alpaca.  We want a white picket fence, and big front porch, a playhouse, and some outbuildings. My hubby wants a firing range and a greenhouse. This is our family dream!   So after kiddo number 3 turned about a year old we started getting our 1st home ready to sell. My husband and I felt like we were coming out of the new baby fog.  We lost a bunch of weight, started getting healthy again- resting and “dating” each other again.  Life was feeling pretty good.  THEN WE GOT PREGNANT AGAIN.  Pregnancy is exhausting.  It takes everything out of me. Don’t get me wrong kiddos are a dream come true for us!  But we weren’t feeling ready yet.  This slowed down the home project quite a bit.  We renovated our kitchen and rented a storage unit to put some of our clutter in.  And then at 7 months pregnant my daughter decided it was time to be born.  She showed up 8 whole weeks early.  Talk about stressful.  3 weeks in the NICU and we were back home again.  We dove right back into getting the house ready to list and it went on the market in August 2014.  We sold it not long after and moved in with my husbands parents. AND.WE.ARE.STILL.LIVING.THERE.  “Lord what is Your plan????”  It’s April 2015 people. APRIL. We are so ready to have our own space.  They have been amazing and so generous to live with and I can’t picture a better scenario for what it is.  But there are 6 of us living in this basement and we need OUT.

I have been checking zillow and craigslist for our dream property for 2 years.  It’s like a compulsive behavior now. We are picky, we have a huge lists of ‘must haves’  We have really only found about 4 or 5 ‘gems’ property wise and haven’t been able to buy any of them for various reasons.  Do we build or do we buy? Whats our budget, really?  Do we buy a fixer upper?  Where do we wana live?  To be completely honest in some ways I think I had given up on finding something.  Mike and I talked about finding a rental and just saving up for awhile. But finally, FINALLY a home came on the market Wed. April 8 2015.  We went to look at it that day and made an offer the next morning.  Now we are in the waiting process.  Our inspection is on Saturday and after that the ball can really begin rolling.  Could it really be? Could we move in and begin our family dream in mere weeks?  Honestly I’m not even excited yet.  I think I’m feeling afraid to hope too hard. So with a small flickering of hope in our hearts, we trust and we wait. Some more.


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