I don’t even know where to start. The last 60 days have been an absolute whirlwind. Reality sometimes feels like a distant memory.  If you’re here for the first time you can read the beginning of our adventure here.
In my previous post I talked about a property we were on the verge of purchasing. It turned into a nightmare! The seller was horrible to us and a TON of problems kept popping up
on the property. From mold, to water damage, to a contaminated well, to a it needing custom gutters that were going to run 10+ grand! After awhile it seemed like instead of fighting for our dream we were pushing our dream up a hill. There was seemingly no grace in the process and honestly we just weren’t feeling the excitement we thought we should feel. Through this 2 year journey a friend kept telling me that God was going to blow my mind. That it would almost be too much to grasp and that she couldn’t wait to see what home we would find because it was going to be incredible. I kept telling my husband that I want a really really old house that’s brand new. We decided it just wasn’t possible to find that. But we love asking God for the impossible.
We prayed and prayed that if this wasn’t the home for us that God would make a mountain in front of us we just couldn’t move. We prayed that we wouldn’t make a foolish decision and kept asking for the property that HE would have for us. . . no matter what it looked like.
So on April 25th we let go of the property and decided we would keep searching. That SAME DAY I found a new listing on craigslist that really interested me. I quickly map quested to see how far from omaha it was and it seemed too far to be a possibility so I gave up on right away. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it so Mike agreed to drive to the property to see how long it would really take to get there before we considered it any further. It took WAY less time then map quest estimated so on the way home we called our realtor and she got us in that night (even though the listing required a 24 hour notice to show it). We dropped our kiddos with the inlaws and headed back out. We didn’t want to involve them in any more house hunting adventures. It was just too hard on them.
Well. . . we fell in love with the house at first sight. It was EVERYTHING we wanted. And guess what? IT’S A BRAND NEW REALLY REALLY OLD HOUSE! It was built in 1912 and the owners gutted it and updated the whole thing. They kept ALL the character in it and did an incredible job.
We left so excited we could barely stand it. It’s everything we could ever want and more. And it’s even situated on 22 acres of beautiful land. The next morning we made an offer and within a half hour they took it! It has been the EASIEST smoothest process with the owners.
Now on the mortgage side of things it’s been quite an adventure. Apparently there’s nothing quite like this property so it’s had more than one appraisal and getting it insured was nothing short of a miracle. Our mortgage guy and his wife (and long time friends) worked so hard to make this happen for us.
We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this huge dream fulfilled is a gift from God. It’s more than I could ever hope for. It is absolutely blowing my mind. Not only did we get this huge gorgeous home but the owners have been so sweet to us. She and I began emailing back and forth soon after we started the buying process. She left us a ton of beautiful furniture and toys for the girls. They left us odds and ends they thought we may need while living out here and have even come out to visit us to answer questions and show us around. We have agreed to stay in touch.
So here’s the coolest part. We didn’t tell the kiddos until closing day. They knew nothing at all. It was so hard to keep a secret this big for that long! We were super hush hush about the whole thing to even our friends and family because we didn’t want anyone slipping up and talking about it in front of them. Towards the end more and more people knew about it and there were so many times it would get brought up in front of the kids and we would have to divert the conversation. I can’t believe my eldest never picked up on it.
We closed on June 12 and took them out to our new home to “show
them a house to see if they like it”. After exploring everything we asked them what they thought of the place and if we should move in. After they all said yes we said “what do you think about moving in tomorrow?” Their eyes all got really big and they started squealing and screaming which we assumed was a “yes” 
I pinch myself every time I wake up in the morning and think “am I dreaming or is this really my life?” This place is truly my little girl heart expressed on the outside.


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