Why would we want a farm?

“Oh wow that’s going to be a lot of work”  they say.  “That’s going to be a LOT of yard to mow!”  “You really want to live that far away from everything? That’s really out there!” 😛  So why in the world would we want a “farm”? (it’s technically a homestead but my kids call it a farm. so we will call it a farm in this post) Well lets talk about my childhood for a sec.  I grew up with a military Daddy and we moved all over the place.  I never had friends more than 3 or 4 years and we never lived close to our family.  Every summer my parents would make a trip home to Iowa to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. When we got a little older they would drop my sister and I off with them or fly us out and we would stay 2 to 5 weeks at a time and make our rounds.  It was amazing.  I LOVED going there. We learned how to swim, fish, play piano, sing new songs, cook, do crafts, put on fashion shows, go boating and camping, skip rocks, get muddy, stay away from snapping turtles, and put up with bugs. We explored and dreamed and the days seemed long and perfect.  I never wanted my time there to end.  I still remember where I was standing when I promised myself someday I would have my own place like that and the feeling could last forever. Because of this the Midwest has always felt like home and it’s where I settled.  My husband spent his summers visiting his Grandma on her farm.  He made wonderful memories there growing up too. Ever since we got married we have talked of getting our own property.  A place where our kids could explore, and dream, and run.  A place where they could learn that working and playing as a family go hand in hand. We want gardens and chickens and fruit trees.  We want SPACE.  And we got space.

But even more then a little girl’s promise to herself I believe that God gives me (us) dreams and desires. As my husband and I have increased our pursuit for God’s heart and His will for our lives He has checked the motive of our hearts over and over.  He has increased our faith and our patience. He has taught us that He is trustworthy and that if He’s not in the plan-that if it’s not His way, then we don’t want it.  We prayed over and over that if it wasn’t His idea that we wanted to know!  But He only grew our dream bigger and we felt pressed to ask for the impossible.  I am so in awe of His love and faithfulness.  He gives his children good gifts! (Luke 11:13)

So we bought the farm!  😛  Is it convenient? Nope. It’s a major adjustment moving to the country.  Do we have to work hard?  Yup!  But you know what?  We spend more quality time together as a family then we have in a long time.  We are unplugged and present.  We are building, and cleaning, and mucking, and mowing, and designing, and weeding, and LIVING.  We work hard and we play hard.  Our hearts are so happy here!  It’s like a refuge. It’s a place to take a deep breath and slow down.

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; And may you shelter them, That those who love your name may exult in You. For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O Lord, You surround him with favor as with a shield.”  Psalm 5:11,12



7 thoughts on “Why would we want a farm?

  1. There is definitely something different about living on a farm, but the freedom is totally worth it! There’s a different mindset when you have to buy groceries, run errands, or in our case attend school functions. There are times I wish we were in town where it wouldn’t be so inconvenient to get to church & school functions, but then I enjoy the quiet of not having people around all the time. Love you lots and am so excited for your family as you continue to grow and learn on this new life adventure!


  2. Love this! My favorite part is how this space has created opportunity for more quality time for you guys as a family. The photos are beautiful, too. You’re taking your space and literally filling it with love and joy and memories, space for an amazing legacy.


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